Why it is a Good Idea to Invest in Byculla

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22 December, 2021

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With the pressures of modern cosmopolitan life, the significance of a peaceful place to retreat - where you can find comfort and feel at home has been consistently on the rise. Choosing a home that serves these goals entails a wide gamut of decisions, not the least of which is selecting a location for your dream abode. It is worth noting here that people are increasingly giving preference to houses that not only have excellent amenities but are also strategically located.

If you are looking for a luxury residential property in Mumbai that has a location with easy access to major marketplaces, infrastructure, and essential amenities, Byculla is an excellent choice. With its strategic location, cultural diversity and ever-evolving infrastructure, Byculla has fast become one of the most valued regions in the property market of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Some of The Reasons That Make Buying a Property in Byculla a Prudent Decision

  • A location that offers connectivity

    One of the most important factors to be considered whilst selecting a luxury residential property is its connectivity with various means of transport. Nestled between the Central, Western and Harbour rail lines, Byculla is conveniently located as far as connectivity to different parts of the city is concerned.
    With the two expressways - the lifelines of Mumbai's road network, namely the Western Express Highway and the Eastern Express Highway, being only a few minutes away, you can travel to any part of the city by road.
    Furthermore, if you wish to travel through the Mumbai local train network, the Byculla railway station falls on both the central and the harbour lines routes, making Byculla one of the most well-connected regions in the city.
  • A paradise for nature lovers

    By buying a property in Byculla, you can move one step closer to attaining a higher degree of work-life balance and enhancing your bond with nature.
    While Piramal Aranya in Byculla showcases state-of-art-architecture and contemporary appeal, it also defines luxury through its celebration of art, nature, culture, design and community living.
    Byculla is home to the scenic Rani Baug that is spread across 60 acres and houses a wide variety of flora and fauna. If you choose to live in Byculla, you shall have easy access to this historic oasis right in the heart of the bustling cosmopolis of Mumbai.
    With its verdant Botanical Gardens that also house the Byculla Zoo, the Jijamata Udyan is one of the main reasons why Byculla is increasingly climbing the ladder in the Mumbai real estate market. The gardens are also home to the famous Bhau Daji Lad Museum.
  • Proximity to key Social Infrastructure

    The strength of Byculla’s social infrastructure is another aspect that Piramal Aranya thrives on; with the ease of access to hospitals, educational institutions, entertainment centres and more, the project further reinforces its ideals of fostering an environment where community living thrives.
    • Educational Institutions-

      If you want to live in a locality with close proximity to prominent educational institutions like Podar International School in Parel, D Y Patil International School in Worli among others, Byculla should be on your charts. Often heralded as the oldest planned suburb of Mumbai, Byculla is located near some of the city's oldest and most prestigious educational institutions, including St. Xavier’s, Queen Mary, and Villa Theresa.
    • Healthcare Institutions-

      One of the most influential factors for choosing the locality to live is the proximity to reputed Healthcare Institutions. Byculla houses some of Mumbai's most renowned hospitals, namely J.J. Hospital and Jaslok Hospital, and is close to KEM Hospital in Parel and Sushrut Hospital in Worli, in turn, making Piramal Aranya a suitable choice for living.
    • Entertainment Hubs-

      Piramal Aranya is also located at a convenient distance from some of the popular recreational and entertainment hubs like Atria Mall in Worli, Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel, etc. Further, with new infrastructural development projects on the rise in the neighbourhood, Byculla is set to become even more of a preferred luxury residential destination in the near future than it is already.
  • A cultural hub

    Mumbai is celebrated for its cultural diversity and inclusivity, and there is perhaps no other region in the city that exemplifies these values as Byculla does. Being one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in the city since the early part of the nineteenth century, Byculla is replete with places of cultural significance.
    Furthermore, Byculla houses important places of worship for different communities, including the Jews, Hindus, Parsees, Christians, Jains and Muslims. Some of these places have seen the city survive and thrive through several chapters of history and bear testimony to the famed tolerance and resilience of Mumbai.
    Byculla is home to the Magen David Synagogue, Gloria Church, and Mankeshwar Temple. The well-renowned Palace Talkies, one of the markers of the city's cultural and cinematic history, is situated close to the Byculla railway station.

Piramal Aranya: The Epitome of Luxury and Comfort

If you are looking to buy a property in Byculla, Piramal Aranya is where your search should stop. With spectacular views of the Jijamata Udyan and the glorious harbour of Mumbai, this luxury residential project offers a rare combination of modern luxury and a connection with nature.

Amenities at Piramal Aranya such as gymnasium, lap pool, fitness center, cricket field, jogging track, multipurpose room and yoga area have been thoughtfully provided to help you with your fitness and wellness goals. For an enhanced work-life balance, relaxation and rejuvenation you are also presented with a café, picnic area, reading lounge, observation deck among other amenities.

With a home in Byculla at Piramal Aranya, you not only just have a luxury residential space for living your life at its best, but you are also a part of community inspired living that resonates with the values of Piramal Realty!

You can have an e-tour of Piramal Aranya here.

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