Vastu Tips for Home – Directions & Colors

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17 January, 2023

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Vastu Tips for Home – Directions & Colors

Vastu is an ancient discipline of design and construction, it teaches us how to optimize our lives. The significance of Vastu lies in the fact that a well-organized home promotes more harmony and clarity among a family. Memories are created at home. Thus, maintaining a pleasant energy field around a home allows its occupants to live happily and abundantly. This article specifies Vastu tips for homes based on direction, color, and more.

Importance of Directions as per Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra for homes, directions play a significant role in our homes. Each direction is associated with a particular element and energy. Vastu's goal is to create a balance of these energies in our homes so that we can live in harmony and peace. Every direction in a house serves a specific purpose and has a distinct meaning.

Here are some key points to keep in mind for each direction:

  • North

    This direction is associated with the element of water. It is said to be the direction of wealth and prosperity. The north side of the house should be open and airy so that this positive energy can flow freely into the home.

  • South

    The south direction is associated with the element of fire. It is said to be the direction of knowledge and wisdom. The south side of the home should be well-lit to benefit from this direction's positive energy.

  • East

    The east direction is associated with the element of air. It is said to be the direction of health and growth. The east side of the home should be open and airy so that the freshness of this direction can flow freely into the home.

  • West

    The west direction is associated with the element of earth. It is said to be the direction of stability and strength. The west side of the home should be solid so that one can benefit from the positive energy of this direction.

Importance of Colors as per Vastu

Colors play an important role in our lives, and they can have a profound effect on our moods and emotions. According to basic Vastu for a home, different colors represent different energies, either positive or negative. It is believed that using the right colors in our homes can attract positive energy and create a harmonious and peaceful environment. Some of the most auspicious colors, as per Vastu shastra, are white, green, blue, and yellow. These colors represent purity, growth, peace, and happiness, respectively. Using these colors in the house will help to create a positive and peaceful atmosphere. Pink, orange, red, and purple are also considered to be auspicious as per Vastu Shastra as they represent love, prosperity, wealth, and success, respectively.

  • Main Door

    The house's main door is said to be the most crucial element of Vastu, as it is considered the mouth of energy. According to Vastu, the main door should be facing east, north, or west. The main door should also be big and wide enough for positive energy to enter the house. The color of the main door should be red, yellow, or orange.

  • Windows

    Windows are said to be the eyes of the house. They should be placed on the east and north sides of the house, in such a way that they let in maximum sunlight. The windows should be large and airy, so fresh air can enter the house.

The Bottom Line

Time and effort must be invested in creating a positive environment in one's home, not only for design and decor but also for enjoyment, relaxation, and good fortune. Whether it is about direction, color, main doors, windows, or the placement of furniture and electrical appliances, Vastu tips for homes can help in creating a more balanced and harmonious living space. By following Vastu principles, one can create a more supportive living environment that promotes the health, wealth, and well-being of the residents. Piramal Aranya by Piramal Realty has created properties with certain Vastu shastra principles in mind. The apartments here receive plenty of sunlight and fresh air, making them a very positive and auspicious place to live. The Piramal Aranya is an excellent choice for those in search of a new place to live. Click here to learn more about Piramal Aranya.

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