5 Reasons Why Byculla is a Property Hotspot in the Making

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22 February, 2024

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: 5 Reasons Why Byculla is a Property Hotspot in the Making

Standing at the crossroads of Mumbai's intricate history and promising future, Byculla is a suitable testament to the city's graceful evolution.

Byculla's appeal lies in its historical sites and recreational spots, with its strategic location bringing seamless connectivity to employment hubs and popular neighbourhoods. The Eastern Express Highway, also passing through the area, has only enhanced this quality.

With upcoming infra projects in Mumbai, especially those in and around Byculla, the area is bound to see some significant developments in the future, making it one of the best places to purchase property in Mumbai.

5 Reasons Why Byculla is a Property Hotspot in the Making

  • Mirroring the Developments of Mumbai's Mill Districts

    Byculla, being one of Mumbai's most iconic textile mill districts, is mirroring the city's developed infrastructure. With increasing investment in Mumbai, thanks to its extensive employment hubs, older mill districts have been hotspots for real estate transformations.

    Developers have revitalised areas like Parel, Worli, Mahalaxmi and Chinchpokli into modern corporate centres. Following this, Byculla is undergoing similar changes with the ever-increasing real estate investment in Mumbai and the upcoming infra projects in Mumbai that are merging around the area thanks to its locality.

  • Infrastructure in Byculla

    As one of Mumbai's oldest developed regions, Byculla was home to some of the wealthiest and most influential names in its prime, something that is apparent with the infrastructure in the area, which houses some of the oldest educational institutions and hospitals in the city. Today, it has several modern civic amenities, including beautiful parks, healthcare facilities, esteemed educational institutions and a bustling market that is one of the largest in the city. Some of the oldest restaurants and bakeries, with new esteemed franchises opening shops in the area, have also made it quite the attraction for crowds. This social infrastructure has made it one of the ideal spots for property investment in Mumbai. With neighbouring areas like Worli and Lower Parel undergoing significant real estate development, Byculla is expected to follow suit soon.

  • Connectivity in Byculla

    The area's location ensures seamless access to major roads leading to both south and north of the city. Moreover, its robust public transportation network enhances connectivity within the city, which further increases its proximity to corporate hubs. The eastern and western express highways are both just a short drive away from the area. Furthermore, most major bus routes going to and from south Mumbai have stops in or around Byculla, making its connectivity efficient and economical. The newly constructed Mumbai Trans Harbour Link is also just a mere 20-minute drive from Byculla. This connects it to Navi Mumbai seamlessly, by cutting down the commute time to just 50 minutes. Its strategic positioning makes it an excellent connection for the western and harbour railway lines as well. Not to mention, the area is less than an hour away from the nearest international airport. Further contributing to its connectivity, a new cable bridge project has been launched by the MRIDC and BMC to simplify east-west connectivity. These factors reflect on the property values in the area, making it one of the best areas to invest in Mumbai.

  • Advantages of New Infrastructure in Byculla

    The new infrastructure projects in Byculla have been acting as a catalyst for the area's economic growth and investment potential. An increase in the number of development projects in and around Byculla will increase Byculla property rates, attracting investment in property in Byculla, positively impacting existing property owners and drawing potential investors to the area. All ongoing projects will bring immediate gains for the existing property owners while simultaneously laying the foundation for sustained property appreciation that will ensure long-term economic growth for the area.

  • Future Value Proposition

    Unlike the commercial and residential property rates in the neighbouring areas, Byculla is an emerging property hub that is recognised for its value proposition. Mahalaxmi, Lower Parel and Worli have experienced a three-fold rise in the past few decades. Byculla too has a predicted appreciation shortly, making it an attractive area for investment. With the new projects in Mumbai, the property markets have become increasingly expensive regardless of their localities. However, for a well-connected area, property in Byculla is economical, with its future value resulting in profitable outcomes. This potential in the area has been another reason for the pique in the interests of investors and aspiring property owners alike.

In Conclusion

Standing at the cusp of transformational real estate development, Byculla is an area with fantastic prospects, making it an attractive choice for those seeking to buy a flat in Byculla. For such aspiring property owners, Piramal Aranya is the answer to all of their needs. With modern amenities that contribute to its residents' opulent lifestyle, Piramal Aranya is a space incorporating the holistic needs of its inhabitants. Moreover, with its excellent connectivity to the rest of the city, it is a comfortable travel to any desired destination.

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