Advantages of Buying House during the Launch Phase

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25 October, 2023

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4 mins read

Benefits of Buying House during the Launch Phase

Those who have searched for properties will certainly have heard the term pre-launch. As soon as a building project is announced, it is called a pre-launch. The pre-launch stage of the property is an excellent opportunity for homebuyers. At this stage, the properties are more affordable and also pack several offers that significantly add to first-time home buyer benefits.

Here is more about it.

What is a Launch Phase?

'Expression of Interest' is a disguised form of 'Pre-launch’. It is a new trend among property developers where they launch their projects and sell homes more like an IPO style. If a homebuyer wants to participate in the 'Expression of Interest,' here is what he or she should expect.

  • The pricing is not disclosed during the EOI phase.
  • Developers may offer exciting early-bird discounts and reasonable offers.
  • Homebuyers can plan their finances and choose a payment plan.

How Do Buyers Benefit from Buying a Home in Launch Phase?

Many homebuyers prefer buying a house in its launch or EOI phase because:
  • Early Bird Benefits

Flats and apartments are offered at exciting prices during the initial phases of newly launched projects. There is a significant difference between the prices marketed by builders during this pre-construction phase and the prices offered during the ongoing construction phase. If someone is looking to purchase a home should do market research to find out the price difference and offer.

  • Buyers Can Prevent Price Increases

Booking a home during the launch phase can block the price before the rates rise to the open market levels. That is why homebuyers prefer Pre-booking and owning a house in newly launched properties. It has become a preferred choice after RERA certification.

  • Developers offer Features and Customisations

When buying during the newly launched phase, a developer allows the homebuyer to choose the unit with the best features, such as the view, location, amenities, floors, and accessibility (stairs, lift, etc.), all within their budget.
  • Options for Easy Payment

Owning a house becomes easier during the launch phases as housing project developers offer different kinds of payment schemes and customised payment options.

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