Piramal Assurance

Piramal Assurance

Since 2012, Piramal Realty has aimed to enrich lives by setting new standards for customer centricity, architectural design, quality and safety. The core values of Knowledge, Action and Care are an integral part of the company’s philosophy and define Piramal Realty not only at an individual level but also on an organizational level.

During these uncertain economic times, Piramal Realty is offering "Peace of Mind" to the home buyers, by launching the first of its kind initiative called "Piramal Assurance"

Assurance details

  • Available on all Piramal Realty “Residential” projects
  • Available to all regardless of age, health and employment history
  • 95% buy back assurance or 5% discount to the market value

it works

As gratitude towards your trust placed in us, this Assurance is being offered to guarantee you peace of mind, from the date of execution and registration of the Agreement for Sale till the time of possession of your residence for fit-out purposes.

Should you be faced with anxiety of any kind with regard to personal exigencies or changed priorities in life or vis-à-vis progress and/or quality of construction and wish to cancel the purchase of your residence, we assure you that we will accept your cancellation request and refund 95% of its then prevailing Fair Value*.

and conditions

  • Calculation of fair market value will be based on the lower of (i) last registered agreement value or (ii) as may be determined by at least 2 independent valuation experts, to be appointed by the applicant at its own cost
  • Time-bound repayment and not event-bound repayment
  • The amount will be paid within 90 days of acceptance of the cancellation request by the company
  • The Piramal Assurance benefit will not be applicable for customers purchasing apartments under any type of special or management discount and/or to those who do not make payments on time as per the payment schedule.